The Archon of Athens


Portrayed By: Constantine Markoulakis

  1. High Priest of Nýx Latreía, The Cult of Night, in Athens. [+2 XP]
  2. Embraced during the most recent plague of Athens by a sire who’s true name he never learned for the purpose of freeing Athens from a long standing shadow war between two powerful Kindred. [+3 XP]
  3. The current Tyrannos (ruler of a polis) of Athens and, officially, the only Kindred resident of Athens. [+1 XP]
  4. Believes he is the undead reincarnation of a mythical king of Attica, founder and the first king of Athens, culture hero, teaching marriage, reading and writing, and ceremonial burial. [+2 XP]

Victim XP: 8 XP


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