Retainer for Eukliedes (**)


Ghoul/thrall of Ευκλειδης (Eukleides) – Placeholder until completed

  1. Emilio and Aristides were trained in the same gym as wrestlers. Emilio chose to pursue a soldier’s life rather than an athlete’s. [+1 XP]
  2. Emilio is viciously loyal and protective. This is a bit of a mixed blessing, as Emilio is suspicious of nearly everyone his employer meets with or has a relationship with. [+3 XP]
  3. Emilios was in the military with Eukleides; they both served in the same unit. During this time, they became quite intimate and inseparable. Eukleides saved his life, and Emilios pledged to serve him, even after the war. [+3 XP]
  4. They came to Athens together after service, with the same goals, and Emilios became the right hand of Eukleides in all of his personal dealings. Emilios ran his household and was a second Father to Petros. [+2 XP]

Victim XP: 8 XP



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