Former Champion of Athens

  1. Draco’s continued participation in the Athenian athletic community (especially at such a high competitive level) baffles bookmakers and audiences. He should have retired at least 5 years ago, and it’s been a decade since he was declared “past his prime.” [+2 XP]
  2. Draco’s refusal to move on to a new career is based on his fear of irrelevance and being forgotten. While he was a respected champion in his heyday, he has always been consumed by fears of inadequacy that he does everything in his power to hide. [+2 XP]
  3. While he has no wife or children, Draco has several siblings. He has a brother who is a gifted sailing captain, a sister who is a priestess, and a cousin who is a high-ranking army officer. [+3 XP]

Victim XP: 7 XP


Portrayed by: Dolph Lundgren


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